Dear Marlen and Fride,
I want to dedicate my first book of poetry to you.
Since I graduated from middle school in 2011, I have wanted to write you these words, as my way of showing how grateful I am for everything you have done for me through the years. To begin with, words cannot describe how much you have meant to me and how great teachers you are. Secondly, I want to thank you both for how you supported me through ups and downs. It has meant everything and more.
Since I was very little, I had a dream of becoming a published author one day, however I never fully believed in the dream and ambition I had. When I first started in eighth grade, I was not confident in my writing, although in 2009 something started to happen. It was then I really started to get good feedback on my writing. I remember it particularly well – we had a mock exam before Christmas that year in Norwegian class. I wrote about a person I knew who had died of cancer only five days before. The story was written to her, but the most special to me, was the fact that this was the first time I really believed in my writing.
Marlen, I will always be thankful from the bottom of my heart, for the way you inspired me with your stories from India, the experiences you brought into your teaching, your passion, for everything you have teached me, for how you never gave up on me, for the way you supported me when I had rough days and for all the things I could say to you, because you are a truly wholehearted person and a teacher I could trust.

You made me believe in myself, even in my darkest hours. You kept telling me that one day “you will become an author.” I still cherish all these memories. You gave me such nice feedback on the tasks I delivered, in which I still have and read from time to time. I have kept it all. That is how much it means to me. You made me hold on to this dream, and now I am sitting here writing these words, in my first book of poetry. I almost cannot believe it.

You have been and still are a very special person to me, and I will always remember how you helped me, when I told you that I was bullied in school. You took me seriously, you did everything you could to stop it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can never thank you enough for everything you have done. You are a fantastic person and a great teacher I will never forget. Those who have you as a teacher today are lucky, and I would not have been the person I am today, if it was not for you.
Fride, you inspired me to fall in love with the English language. Many times I have looked back at the mock exams I delivered and the feedback I got from you. I have been thinking about everything I learned in your classes and how much I developed through the years I had you as my English teacher.

 What I am truly grateful for, is the fact that you inspired me to deliver my very best. You made me blossom. You made me believe in my writing, in my English skills and my performance in the subject. I could never have published this book of poetry in English, if I it was not for you. You deserve a lot of honour and praise for what I have been able to accomplish.

From day one, I loved your English classes, since they were so diverse, but not only that – even on my worst days you could get me in a better mood, because of your warm-heartedness, your kindness and your radiant smile. The passion in teaching English was all around you, and it made me passionate about the subject as well. Through three years of middle school, English was one of my favourite subjects. It was a reason for me to get out of bed when my motivation was low, and when my days were rough. I only have good memories from your English classes - and when I am talking about great English teachers, you are the one I talk about.

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